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About Stepout Live

A multi featured socio-consumer app specially designed for restaurant customers for ease of digital experience.

Every one wins

A multi featured unique socio consumer application specially designed to create a win-win situation for its end users and all businesses on board


Economic growth has benefited the F&B industry in emerging economies, but there are some unsolved changes facing both the customers and the F&B industry


Consumers struggle to find new and exciting places. Additionally, it is cumbersome to find out about live and current offers going on in restaurants and clubs. The entire experience from discovery, finding the best deals, table bookings, ordering and payment needs an overhaul.

Huge AD Expense

On the other hand, the restaurants struggle to reach their target audience in real time, a situation that requires large advertising expenditures.

Lead & Revolutionize

Every challenge offers an opportunity to innovate, which is why we decided to develop STEPOUT LIVE, a tech enabled platform set to revolutionize the advertising in F&B industry.



STEPOUT LIVE is an online platform for customers looking to explore new places, finding exciting deals, and engage socially with other like-minded users.


Through our innovative approach to advertising & Promotion, We at STEPOUT LIVE provide Restaurants and Clubs with the freedom to promote themselves in real-time, through out their business hours for free. These offers and promotions reach the end-users in real time.

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Multi-Featured Socio-Consumer App

Live & Current Offers

Awareness about new places in the vicinity/city and country by receiving (push notification) live and current offers in real time

Be Current

Remain updated about latest events/offers and gigs in the city


Meet new and like-minded SOL users

Share your Thoughts

Add other SOL users as friends, chat and socialize at your convenience


Send gifts (Foods and Beverages) to strangers… A great way to start a conversation

Never Miss out

Pre buy Food and Beverages if cannot make it on time for the offer period. Go for Pre-Order

Send Gifts

Send gifts to friends who are online


Go incognito, if do not want to be discovered by your contact


Go discreet if do not want to discovered by other SOL users

Know before

Chat with our SOL users who are live, before deciding on any Restaurants and Clubs to visit

Be up to date

Know about all pre-planned special events throughout the city

Go digital

Order and pay via the SOL app, reduce the wait time


Rank between 1 to 3 as a top spender (Monthly & yearly) and receive cashback in your wallet

For Business Partners


Don’t Spend

Promote yourself for free in real-time throughout your business hours


Reach out to new customers in real time, Increase footfall and revenue

Be Assured

Receive confirmed table bookings from SOL users

Never Lose

Receive pre orders, don’t lose out on any business for your promotional period


Offer grace period to users from 30 to 60 minutes for pre-orders, thus multiply revenue

Avoid Panic

No wait time for users to order and pay, thus taking a load off from your busy and limited staff


No favoritism for any listing and its visibility

Move up

Always stay ahead of your competition

Be Digital

Manage orders digitally

Track Revenue

Track your sales/footfall/revenue on daily/monthly and yearly basis

Digital Experience

Have a complete digital experience with your customers

Be Informed

Track your sales/footfall/revenue on daily/monthly and yearly basis

Hassle free

Have a complete digital experience with your customers


Frequently Asked Questions

How to receive/look for offers?

You will receive live and current offers via push notification from the restaurants in the area or areas you have selected during registration and also from the area you are currently at. If you wish to go to another area, you can search area wise, name wise, cuisine wise and check out for all the current and live offers in that area.

How to avail the offers?

Generate a unique code from the restaurant page, whose offer you want to avail or pre-order.

When should I generate a code?

Please generate your unique code once you reach the restaurant by visiting its page.

What should I do after generating the code?

Once you generate the code, your tab opens up automatically at the backend of the restaurant, press on start Ordering, Online menu will open up, add items to your cart, put special instruction if any with each item, and check out. Your order will be accepted at the backend and you will receive a notification of acceptance. Share your code with the wait staff and he will bring your order to you. You will be notified once the order is dispatched.

can I place the order manually with the waiting staff?

Yes, you can by sharing your code. Once your order is punched in your tab, you will receive a notification to review and confirm your order (to eliminate wrong order). Once you confirm, the amount for the order placed will be deducted from your wallet and your order will be confirmed. While reviewing your order, you can add, subtract and edit your order.

What if I do not use the code after generating one?

Please be sure of the place before generating a code. While you are generating a code, you will be asked if you are certain to generate a code, and will be made aware of what happens if the code goes unused. Any unused code will attract a penalty of INR 100 (This is to eliminate any malpractice by new places)

Can I add special instructions while placing an order via the app?

Yes, you can add special instructions below the item for each item added in your cart.

Are tips mandatory?

No, Tips are optional with each new order placed. Should you wish to tip for your order, then either you can choose the preset amount or add your custom amount.

What is Close Tab Button?

Please press on close tab only after you are done with your final order for the day. Once tab is closed, you will not be able to order further.

What if I close tab by mistake and want to order more?

Once you close the tab, you will be directed to book a cab page, then to rate and review. Rating is mandatory, review is optional. Once you rate the place, you can once again open the restaurant page, generate a fresh code and start ordering.

How many places can I visit in a day?

You can visit as many places you want during the day and generate codes for those places to avail the offer.

Is there any limitation on how much I can order during the offer period?

No, there is no limitation.

Can I modify or cancel the order after placing it successfully?

No, Order once placed, cannot be modified or canceled. Please be sure to review your order before checkout.

What is pre-order?

If you see an offer you would love to avail, but unfortunately cannot make it on time to avail that offer. You can pre buy your Foods and Beverages at the offer price. You will get a grace period from up to 30 to 60 minutes to redeem your Foods and Beverages at the offer price. For e.g., offer period is from 7 pm to 9 pm, you will have from 9.30 pm to 10 pm window to redeem your order on the offer price. In case you are late and miss the grace period window, then you will have to pay the difference amount for the order placed, to redeem your order. Please pre order only if you are sure to make it before the grace period window ends.

What is gift?

In the side menu of the app, you will see your personal and STEPOUT LIVE contacts online, and where they are. You can click on a friend or a family member you see online, and then click on the gift icon. Menu of that establishment will open up and you add what ever you wish to gift in cart. You can write a personalized note along with the gift. Check out your cart and your friend/family will receive your gift immediately with your note. You can send gift from any part of the world any time you see them online.

How to redeem a gift?

Once you receive a gift, a pop notification will appear on your screen. Click on redeem gift and the gifted item will be added to your tab. You can ask the waiting staff to bring you your gift by sharing your code and the gift ID.

Can I gift Food & Beverages to any SOL user?

Yes, you can. See any one you like. You can gift to any SOL user by clicking on their picture and subsequently by clicking on the gift icon. A great way to start a conversation.

Can I order for my friends who have run out of money?

Yes, You can. Select the gift icon on their profile, add items to the cart, and check out. Your friend will receive your generous gift.

Can I keep track of my previous orders/ visits and pre orders?

Yes, You can. In the side menu of the app, you will find tabs for your visits, and pre-orders. You can check your history by clicking on those tabs.

What is Ranking?

You are ranked amongst other SOL users, according to your expenditure through SOL app. If your expenditure through the app is one of the highest amongst other users, and you fall between Rank 1 to 3, then you will receive a substantial amount of cash back in your wallet according to your rank. This ranking works as monthly and yearly. The more you use the app when you step out, higher the chances are for you to win.

Can I keep track of my Gifts?

Yes, You can. Go to the side menu of the app and click on My gifts. In there you will find the history of all your sent and received gifts.

Who can I chat with?

You can chat with your friends and any SOL users. You could chat with any SOL user who is present at a place you wish to visit. You could ask them about the place, ambience and crowd. Request them to share live pictures and video of that place, before you make up your mind about that place. P.S. (Not every user will respond, so if see more users, direct your conversation to the next user.) (This feature has been put up in the app to help each other. Please try to answer the queries from your fellow users, as one day you will need the same courtesy extended to you as well)

Can I send friend request to Other SOL users?

Yes, you can send friend request to other SOL users and you can receive requests from them.

What are invitations in the side menu of the app?

These are a set of invites you receive from your contacts to join them in real time and a set of invites sent by you, to your contacts to join you. Once invitation is accepted or rejected, you will be notified.

Can I pay in Cash for my orders?

No, since all orders are prepaid, your payment method is online by default.

When will social media feed page start?

Social media feed page will be made available in our upcoming update. There are many more new and exciting features planned for our future updates. Please stay tuned and update the app as and when you receive an intimation to update.

How do I contact SOL team?

You can always mail us at info@stepoutlive.com, and we will be happy to help you and resolve any queries you might have. Please allow us 24 hours to get back to you.

What if I want to exit the app after my 1st order, and want to order more?

You can exit the app or close it, but do not close your tab after your first order. To order more, open the app, you will land at the home page (listings). At the bottom of the home page, you will see a tab mentioning “you are currently at”. Please click on that tab, and you will go to continue ordering page. Click on continue ordering, and the rest of the process remains the same. When done with your final order, please click on close tab to end your session.

Till what time can I order?

Food and beverages have different timings for last order. You will get a notification 15 minutes before for the last order for food and beverages respectively. Please order accordingly. You will not be able to place an order after the last order time is passed.

After my last and final order, do I have to close the tab?

Yes, for a better and enhanced experience or to use the app again the same day, always close the open tab.

What if I do not close or forgot to close my tab?

If you didn’t close or forgot to close the tab, no worries. Once the place you visited, shuts down for the day, your tab will close automatically. But just incase you are planning to use the app for the next restaurant on the same day, unless you close your tab you will not be able to generate a code for your next visit.

Why is rating mandatory?

Rating is mandatory to help users such as yourself to get a better understanding of an establishment in order to get an enhanced experience.

How do I remember so many features to begin with?

For a better customer experience, we have put an APP tour in the side menu. Please go through the APP tour to enhance your experience of our dynamic app.